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Jennifer Meardy and Garrett Hammond's Honeymoon Registry

Costa Rica

Dear Friends & Family,

Thanks for visiting our honeymoon registry! We are looking forward to seeing all of you in Walnut, CA this coming March for our wedding. It will be wonderful to have all of our friends and family there to share in our special day and celebrate with us. We really appreciate that you are planning to attend as we know it will be on a Monday right around the time all LA freeways become a parking lot.

Your presence at our wedding is gift enough. If you would still like to get us a little something, we created this registry for your convenience.

Traditional wedding registries allow couples to register for all the items they need in order to start their new lives together. Plates? Got them. Toaster? Have it. Cuisinart? Crock Pot? Use them all the time. Also, let's face it...we live in an LA apartment and space (especially kitchen space) is precious!

Our ideal 'gift' to spend 9 days traveling together, embarking on a one-of-a-kind adventure for the first time as husband and wife. An adventure we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

We are so deeply excited for...drumroll please.....

Garrett can't wait to get on the airplane:)

We have created our honeymoon registry so that our friends and family will have the opportunity to be a part of our journey by giving monetary gifts toward the different experiences we will have on our trip. The items listed on our page give you an idea of the amazing trip you would be helping us have. We think its safe to say there will be many stories and pictures to share upon our return :)

Can't wait to see you all soon!!
Garrett & Jen
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Honeymoon Suite with private pool

Honeymoon Suite with private pool
We will enjoy a Suite with private patio, individual plunge pool overlooking spectacular views of the ocean. Not a bad way to start our lives together!

$50.00 each

28 of 40 available.
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Canopy Tour

Canopy Tour
This Canopy Tour will be an amazing, unforgettable experience! We'll fly through the tree tops of the Monteverde Could Forest on steel cables. We'll experience the various levels of the canopy as we glide and swing from tree to tree. Watch out Tarzan!
Sold Out

Combination Tour With Hanging Bridges

Combination Tour With Hanging Bridges
Our tour begins with a hiking trip through a tropical humid forest, passing bridges and spectacular scenery, to the Fortuna Waterfall with amazing swimming holes. After our honeymoon lunch at "Lava Rocks Restaurant" we will make our way to tour the Arenal Volcano. As we walk up the lava flows and watch the sunset we'll await the darkness to see and hear glowing rocks of lava tumbling down the side of the mountain, then it's time for a relaxing soak in the warmed mineral waters of Tabacon Resort and a romantic honeymoon dinner for two!

$20.00 each

13 of 14 available.
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Damas River Mangrove Jungle Adventure

Damas River Mangrove Jungle Adventure
We will travel through a unique inland waterway learning about the important ecosystems in the world while enjoying the enchanting mangrove estuary, observing whiteface capuchin monkeys and an array of colorful jeweled birds. Fresh tropical fruits will be served on our kayaking adventure, after we have worked up a sweat!
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Sensational Cable Experience

Sensational Cable Experience
We will finally experience the true Tarzan and Jane way of life as we soar through the trees of Tu Ru Bari Tropical Park. On this exhilarating tour, we will get a bird's eye view of the park's magnificent scenery and exotic flora and fauna and have the opportunity to taste the local flavors of the Costa Rican cuisine in one of the two restaurants Tu Ru Bari offers! A lovely wedding gift and a thrill of a lifetime!

$40.00 each

2 of 4 available.
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Tour To The Venado Caves

Tour To The Venado Caves
On this awesome underground adventure, our knowledgeable guide will take us through narrow passages, labyrinths and chambers where we'll see a famous rock formation called, "La Papaya" along with other amazing stalactites and stalagmites. This tour is only for those who like to get wet, muddy and messy just as we do!
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Trip Contribution to Our Honeymoon

Trip Contribution to Our Honeymoon
With your lovely wedding gift, we will experience a romantic and special honeymoon! We will begin our new lives together and enjoy each other's company while creating unforgettable honeymoon memories. It's our happily ever after and we thank you for making our honeymoon extraordinary!
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Plane Tickets

Plane Tickets
Unfortunately we can't swim there, so we need to get on a plane!

$20.00 each

30 of 45 available.
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A Bottle of Wine

What better way to enhance our fine dining experience than with our chosen bottle of exceptional wine. Cheers!
Sold Out

Cooking Lesson

Cooking Lesson
We'll learn to cook true Caribbean style on the beach. Not only will we learn the secrets from a local chef, we get to feast on our creation for lunch.
Sold Out

Dining Costa Rica Style

Dining Costa Rica Style
With a spectacular view of the ocean, we will join the locals and feast on comida tipica (native dishes), fresh fish, and succulent steaks complemented by gallo pinto, the national dish of fried rice and black beans.

$10.00 each

10 of 10 available.
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Romantic Candlelight Dinner

We look forward to reserving an intimate candlelit dinner. We'll choose a quiet restaurant with a warm atmosphere, outstanding cuisine and impeccable service.
Sold Out

Unique Ideas

A Spa Day

We'll need a spa day just to ourselves! We will sit back, relax and indulge in a rejuvenating and revitalizing spa treatment or massage to help soothe our tense muscles and to help us get back in the groove.

$25.00 each

5 of 8 available.
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"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“We are so happy for the both of you!!! Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful honeymoon. Here's some wine to set the mood! Many blessings :-)”
- Mike and Betsy
“Have a great honeymoon you two!”
- Mike Serlin and Aubrey Leigh
“So glad I could be there to celebrate with you! Congratulations and love!”
- Ian
“Best wishes for a fun and rewarding life together. We adore you both!”
- Heather and Ricky
“Oh the places you'll go... Congratulations you two! Thank you for sharing this with us!!”
- Devon &Lily
“Congratulations and best wishes for a lifetime of happiness and enjoy your honeymoon!”
- Love, Gpa M
“Congratulations as you begin your lives together as husband and wife. May you have a long and beautiful marriage filled with much love, great respect and lots of laughter.”
- Love, Dad and Mom
- Sheridan and Amber
“So glad you two are together and always remember that were here for you for anything you ever need! Love you both!”
- Tony and Tanya
“Have a beautiful honeymoon”
- Shaun and Tania Loeser
“Love you guys!! thank you for including me in your special day. xoxoxoxoxo”
- Pandy
“Congratulations. I am so honored to have been a part of your proposal ceremony as well as be at your wedding. Thank you so much for inviting me :) PLEASE enjoy a spa day on your trip. And don't forget to get a happy ending!!!! Love,”
- Chris Downey
“We wish you two the very best as you start your lives together as husband and wife.”
- David and Paula Lund
“You know we had to help get Garrett on that plane!!! And any excursion with possible monkey's and caves sounded good to us! We love you both so much!!! Congratulations!!! Have an AWESOME trip &an AMAZING BEAUTIFUL LIFE TOGETHER ~:)”
- All Our Love Always ~ Co &David
“Congratulations, you two. Here's to a wonderful life together. We love you”
- Grandpa Wayne and Grandma Karen
“I love you sister and can't wait to call you brother Garrett! Cheers to much happiness and a beautiful future :)”
- Little Sis...That's big Sis to you G!
“Enjoy the grand adventure!”
- Matt, Megan &Gregory
“I want you to have the best time of your life!!!! All the best xx”
- Nico
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