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Big Island - Atlantis Submarine Hawaii - Kona Odyssey

We'll dive beneath the waves of the Big Island for an unforgettable journey aboard an Atlantis submarine. We will explore 25 acres of natural coral reef and its marine inhabitants as we head more than 100 feet (30.5 m) underwater!

$116.81 each

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Big Island - Kohala Zipline - Zipline Canopy Tour

We will visit the beautiful North Kohala Coast, one of Hawaii's best kept secrets and the area that gave birth to King Kamehameha, now giving birth to Big Island Eco Adventures, the Big Island's first zip-line canopy tour. We’ll be overlooking the incredible Pololu Valley, 500 acres of ancient hillside filled with sturdy Ironwood and showy Albizia trees. The unique volcanic geology and nature's winds and waters have carved luscious waterfalls and pools cascading through these forests. The scent of ginger and guava and a variety of tropical bird songs will create a magical setting for us.

$165.63 each

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Blue Hawaiian Helicopters - Blue Skies of Oahu 45 Minute

The mottled turquoise-blue waters of Waikiki and Kaneohe bay lap around the majestic landscape. We'll sweep over Maui and marvel at the explosive green peaks and waterfall-laced valleys. We’ll pass over the small communities and pastoral plains as we view sites rich with historical value and teeming with local lore.

$233.38 each

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