R Eread and Robert manes' Honeymoon Registry

Cabo San Lucas

Thank you for visiting our Honeymoon Registry. We are so excited to take the honeymoon of our dreams and create memories that will last forever.


Helicopter Tour

We will have memories to cherish for years to come. We can view the majesty of our magical breath-taking destination from above, on a first class helicopter tour.
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Snorkeling Adventure

We are so excited to go snorkeling on honeymoon, floating through the cool blue water as we swim eye to eye with exotic marine life. Paradise found!
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Hit the Waves on a Jet Ski

With your thoughtful gift we'll pound the sea, grab some air, ride a wave, get a thrill and have a blast.
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Los Cabos sunset Cruise

Los Cabos sunset Cruise
Setting sail on an intimate cruise as the sun reflects off the sparkling ocean waters. We shall dance, we shall dine on delicious Mexican fare and enjoy a cocktail or two…or three under a blanket of stars as we look for that legendary “green flash” as the sun sinks below the Pacific’s magnificent horizon.
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Mexican Fiesta

We love to spice things up! We'll pick the most fabulous Mexcian food restaurant in town, reserve our table and savor South of the Border tacos, tamales and other authentic Mexican favorites all topped off with some fresh salsa. Ole!
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"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“The countdown is near and it will all be over very soon. We decided to help you celebrate your honeymoon and begin a lifetime of happy memories. Congratulations!!!”
- Delinda, Shane, and Reagan
“Kobla and I wish you the very best on your wedding day and many happy years to come. Once you return from your honeymoon, let us know so we can come visit you guys in Texas! We're looking forward to meeting you, Rob! Welcome to the family!”
- Kobla &Cindy Asamoah
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