John Swope and Camille Quarles' Honeymoon Registry

Rome & Greece

Thank you for visiting our Honeymoon Registry. We are so excited to take the honeymoon of our dreams and create memories that will last forever.


A Night in Our Honeymoon Suite

The good news is, we can book most of our hotel nights with points! Nearly all of them, except for this one. You'd be helping us with our first night in Rome at the Boscolo Exedra Rome:
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Small-Group Cooking Lesson in Roman Countryside

Small-Group Cooking Lesson in Roman Countryside
We found this trip and loved it: Calling all Italian food lovers! If you’re a gourmand, cooking aficionado or a fan of homemade cuisine, this intimate, full-day cooking tour from Rome is for you! Numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 people on this small-group Italian cooking class, ensuring you'll receive personalized attention from your knowledgeable food expert. You will travel to a small village in the Roman countryside, where you’ll learn to cook a traditional Italian meal.
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Island Hopping on the Ferry

Island Hopping on the Ferry
We will be visiting Santorini and Mykonos. There are ferries that run between the islands. This would help us take a trip from Athens to the islands.
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Italian - It's Amore

Italian - It's Amore
We will have to choose from all the local Italian restaurants in town to reserve the perfect table in the most romantic setting. We will tantalize our taste buds with homemade pasta, Panini, fresh Seafood, select an Italian vino and enjoy the best dessert ever, ending with a cup of cappuccino. Now that's amore!
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Unique Ideas

A Spa Day

We'll need a spa day just to ourselves! We will sit back, relax and indulge in a rejuvenating and revitalizing spa treatment or massage to help soothe our tense muscles and to help us get back in the groove.
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"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Have a great trip you guys! You're the best. P.S. - I expect to be reimbursed when this sketchy site steals my card info and some guy in Ukraine goes on a shopping spree.”
- Craig
“We wouldn't blame you if you never came home. (But we would miss you!) All the best ... xoxo”
- Laure, Mike, Delia, Pat, Jesse
“Congratulations, we wish you infinite love and happiness.”
- Meghan and Bryan
“Can't wait to see you in October ~ even bought a new dress and shoes for your special day!!! IMAGINE! I must love you guys a ton! Also love the idea of you going island hopping :).”
- Love, Darcy
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