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Honeymoon Destinations

Caribbean - Curacao
Curacao Highlights
Nestled in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, the heavenly beautiful Curacao is your perfect destination wedding, anniversary and honeymoon destination to weave your bond with your soul mate.
Curacao has over 35 beaches with a remarkable variety. You can choose between intimate rocky coves surrounded by massive cliffs or long sandy beaches, either secluded by nature or bustling with activities. The one thing they all share is crystal clear turquoise water and picture-perfect weather. Curacao is the perfect place for diving, but you will also find, the island has so much more to offer. There are dozens of undiscovered adventures to be enjoyed. Ranging from enjoying water sports to visiting mesmerizing 17th century architecture sites, from practicing tennis to enjoying delicious world-class cuisine, from playing golf in the sunny climate to trying your luck at high-standard casinos. So if you are looking for more than just a honeymoon with a view, Curacao has something out-of-the-ordinary to entice every newlywed couple.
Honeymoons in Curacao
Let your love flourish in the most breathtaking beaches of the world with dazzling azure waters as you take a romantic plunge with your love on a Curacao honeymoon. With beautiful white sand beaches and secluded coves especially appealing to newlyweds, Curacao, has become one of the most desired honeymoon destinations in the world. Choose an all-inclusive honeymoon package and enjoy a beautiful honeymoon suite or seaside villa, authentic mouthwatering cuisine, refreshing tropical concoctions, and a romantic gift upon arrival. In Curacao your imagination is your only limit to your dream honeymoon.
Destination Weddings in Curacao
Curacao offers all the ingredients for a great wedding. Together a lovely climate, historical country yards, and beaches shaded by coconut trees and washed with crystal clear blue waters create the perfect ambiance for your ceremony, at your home away from home. Choose an all inclusive wedding package and enjoy a stress free wedding with a wedding coordinator, a breathtakingly beautiful wedding cake, mesmerizing floral arrangements, and much more. What ever your dream wedding is, let Curacao make your fantasy come true.
Facts for the Bride and Groom:
Language: The most commonly used language is Papiamentu, a Creole language. Most official government documents and many road and advertisement signs are in Dutch. English and Spanish are also widely spoken.
Time Zone: Curacao is on Atlantic Standard Time, one hour later than US Eastern Standard Time (the same time as Eastern Daylight Savings Time) and four hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time.
Currency: The official currency in Curacao is the Netherlands Antillean guilder (also called the florin). The U.S. dollar does circulate freely, so it is possible to get by using only American dollars or credit cards.
Entry Requirements: To enter Curacao, U.S. citizens and Canadian citizens all need a valid passport and a valid return ticket.
Climate and Weather
Located in the tropics, just 12 degrees north of the Equator, Curacao has a warm, sunny climate year round making any time the perfect time for your destination wedding, anniversary celebration or honeymoon. The average temperature is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season, which is between October and February, is usually marked by short, occasional showers, mostly at night, and continued sunny weather during the day.