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Ghazal Tehrani and Ben Moore's Honeymoon Registry

Pacific Southwest - Fiji and Bora Bora

Thank you for visiting our Honeymoon Registry. We are so excited to take the honeymoon of our dreams and create memories that will last forever.
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2 Nights in Tahiti

Our Stay in Fiji
Help us stay on our first island in French Polynesia, explore the beaches, hike to the volcano, and relax a world away from Northern VA!
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5 Nights in Bora Bora

Our Stay at Bora Bora
Help us stay in tropical paradise on the amazing lagoons and stretches of white sand beaches in Bora Bora.
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Upgrade To Overwater Bungalow in Bora Bora

Upgrade us to an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
Upgrade us from the beach to an overwater bungalow at the Intercontinental in Bora Bora. We don't want to settle for a standard room on our getaway. With your perfect gift we can plan ahead and upgrade to a room with a view on our once in a lifetime trip!

$100.00 each

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Romantic Sunset Cruise

What a romantic evening as the ship drifts out to sea for a night under a blanket of stars. We will make sure we reserve a table now to enjoy a spectacular dinner captivated by a picture perfect sunset.
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Day Trip To Secluded Beach

Day Trip To Secluded Beach
We will take a boat to a very secluded beach and spend the afternoon alone. How romantic is that?
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Hit the Waves on a Jet Ski

With your thoughtful gift we'll pound the sea, grab some air, ride a wave, get a thrill and have a blast.
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Snorkeling In The Lagoon

Snorkeling In The Lagoon
The water is crystal clear, warm and the marine life is abundant, the magnificent corals, and the sea crustaceans of a thousand colors will amaze us. A honeymoon day we will always remember!
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Snorkeling Picnic Lunch

Snorkeling Picnic Lunch
A snorkeling delight! We'll travel by motorized canoe through the pristine clear waters and encounter some of the marine life; sharks, rays, turtles and schools of tropical colored fish. Enjoying a scrumptious picnic lunch while admiring the beautiful scenery, from dazzling white beaches to the majestic mountains that Bora Bora so splendidly affords!
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Inter Island Flight

Inter Island Flight
It's just a quick flight to the exciting new experiences awaiting us on our island getaway.

$150.00 each

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Help us Get There!

Help us Get There!
Any help to get to and from our destination is a wonderful gift. We will be thanking you long after take off. Buy us miles toward our long trip to the Southwest Pacific.

$70.00 each

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Airport to Bora Bora Boat Trips

Airport to Bora Bora Boat Trips
With a quick boat trip we will go from plane to paradise.
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A Bottle of Wine

What better way to enhance our fine dining experience than with our chosen bottle of exceptional wine? Cheers!
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Breakfast in Bed

What could be better than knowing we'll have breakfast to enjoy between the sheets? We'll order eggs florentine, cinnamon rolls, freshly squeezed orange juice and hot coffee which all seem to taste better served to us in bed!
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Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day
The catch of the day awaits us! As seafood lovers it will be hard to choose from the different types of seafood restaurants and the variety of fresh fish, all complemented by delectable side dishes, fresh vegetables, and an incredible selection of wines. A delicious treat!
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Romantic Candlelight Dinner

We look forward to reserving an intimate candlelit dinner. We'll choose a quiet restaurant with a warm atmosphere, outstanding cuisine and impeccable service.
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Unique Ideas

Champagne in Our Room

We'll toast to our lives together as we uncork the effervescence of a bottle of champagne. Cheers!
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Couples Massage

We will experience the special indulgence of a couple's massage lying side-by-side being pampered with exotic oils that hydrate the skin, rejuvenate senses, and leave us refreshed and revitalized. We want to reserve our spa treatments early for this ultimate spa experience!
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From the excellent service at the hotel to the attentive waiters at dinner, there's going to be a long list of people to thank for helping us have the perfect time away from home.
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Strawberries and Champagne Welcome

Strawberries and Champagne Welcome
We can plan to start our trip with a romantic flair! What better way than with the decadence of this unbeatable combination?
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"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Can't wait to see you guys at the wedding. Couldn't be happier for the both of you. Enjoy the honeymoon! I'd say take lots of pics but we all know that's a given G ;)”
- Nima and Daiee Poorang
“We're so happy for you! May your love continue to grow And each of you blossom in your own ways with love from”
- Aunts Jill and Pam
“So excited to come and see you both join in the wonderful bond of marriage that Julie and I have enjoyed for the last 11 years. Congrats and have a great time on your honeymoon. With Love.”
- Aaron &Julie Levinthal
“Congratulations to you both! Thank you for sharing your big day with us. Have a fabulous honeymoon and take lots of pictures!”
- Love always, Jason and Judith
“To our fellow half Persian couple!! We are so thrilled for you and look forward to having you in the club! Lots of love, and enjoy your beautiful honeymoon!!”
- BOOS, Mona &Amon
“Hope you have honeymoon of a lifetime!”
- The Devost Family
“Congratulations!!! We are so excited for you and wish you a beautiful life together as lovers and friends ... P.S. Enjoy your honeymoon!! What an amazing trip you will have together. Can we come too??? (heehee just kidding!) xo,”
- Tony and Leyla Serafino
“Wishing you an amazing honeymoon!! Love you!”
- Jennifer and Kevin Tarr
“We are so happy for the both of you and know that you'll be very happy together! Enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest and savor every moment! We are so happy to share your friendship. Love you!”
- Carolina and Daniel
“"Congratulations, and thank you for letting us be part of your special day."”
- Fereshteh, Jafar &Ali Abravesh
“Congratulations! We are so excited to join you for your big day, and we wish you an amazing honeymoon and best wishes for a happy and healthy life together! Buen viaje!”
- With love, Colin &Sopheap
“Congrats you two. Hope you have the laziest, loveliest honeymoon ever!”
- Amy Morton &Kevin Pierce
“Congratulations for your wedding , Wishing you lots of Love &Happiness, Have a good Honeymoon.”
- Charlie &Sylvie Jaffray
“We Wish you a life full of happiness ,good health and success.”
- Mohsen &Lili
“Happy life together ... we wish you all the best! Much love ...”
- Roz &Paul
“Best wishes for a long and happy life together. Enjoy Bora Bora.”
- Banc and Frank
“Have a wonderful trip. Knowing Ben I am sure our gift will be chosen wisely. Send us a picture of the candles!! Love you both.”
- Reno and Ginger
“Congratulations! Hope you have a spectacular honeymoon.”
- Jen Odell and Rich von Keyserling
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