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FINALLY!!  I have a rate secured under the name ZACCO at The Hampton Inn in Morgan Hill  *  (408) 779-7666 - $189 for a King Room Bed - and $199 for 2 Queen Room Bed.  Please note this hotel is our preferred hotel for you to stay at for a few reasons:  Its recently rennovated, its minutes from my cousins home, and its right off the highway - and very VERY easy to get to.

IF you're looking for a room a little less expensive, but equally close by - the other hotel we mentioned on our insert with the invitation - The Executive Inn  *  (408) 778-0404 - is equally nice, and that rate is $99 - we have 15 rooms reserved here under either Zacco or Lundell. This hotel is just down the street from the other hotel, but a little smaller, though the rooms are quite lovely.

We have picked out our caterer!!!  Our big wedding day is going to be filled with delectable tappas - just wait until you see!  The menu has quite a variety and will have plenty of gluten free options - we made sure of that.  We know many of our guests do have dietary restrictions and preferences, including us.  Be prepared for a sumptuous variety of tappas that will leave you pleasantly full, and free to dance the night away as we are not doing a sit down dinner.....we want everyone to enjoy the heck out of themselves!

In fact, if there is a song you would like to add to the amazing soundtrack created by the Bride and Groom - please feel free to let us know - via email, text, or on here - those that post their requests on this wedding website will definitely get added ;o).  We will try to honor the other requests....*ha ha, do you see what I did there?  Trying to see who uses this website, tricky little one ain't I?

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I am wondering that too!  My contact at The Hampton Inn has assured me that she will be able to give me a rate for August 2014 by January, February at the latest.  I am so sorry about this.  This hotel is LITERALLY minutes away from my cousins home - and will make attending the wedding easy in terms of zero traffic, etc - because its RIGHT there!  So if you can just hold out another month - I promise, the second I get the rate for the hotel I will text you, email you, and post it on Facebook.  A little embarassed about this - and if you are not comfortable with waiting, feel free to make a reservation in nearby San Jose, or the other hotel we have listed.  We just liked the Hampton Inn a little bit better.

Also - a few of you have asked "what can we get you" - besides your presence at our wedding in California, we truly would prefer just items from our honeymoon registry - we already have everything we need, and hope you understand our wishes.

One fitting out of the way - another one coming in January - catering decisions being made as I type this, and soundtrack for the big day is getting bigger and better every day - IN FACT:  If you have a song you would like to have added to the soundtrack - please leave us a note on here - and we will be sure to add it.....no requests will be able to be made on that day.

Thats it for now - its going to be a wonderful day - have I mentioned that?

We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a healthy happy New Year! 

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As a lot of you already know - Vince and I decided to have a small ceremony in Provincetown, MA on July 21.  So yes, we are legally married now.  I have coined the phrase "when you meet THE right man - why not marry him twice?" ....and its true.

When initially planning the wedding, and where to have it - we were torn between the beach, and my dream - a backyard wedding. Also - after being together for over 6.5 yrs - we realized we wanted to be able to enjoy some of the legal benefits of being married now, as opposed to waiting until next year.  So - we came up with the perfect solution.  An East Coast - West Coast Wedding.

We already had our Provincetown vacation planned - as it is something we do every summer with our best friends and neighbors Michael and Johnny.  But this year - it was part of the planning to have my best friend and Maid of Honor Michelle, along with my brother and his wife, as well as my cousin and her boyfriend join us for a few days....so, we got to thinking:  Why not have a quick small ceremony here, on the Cape, in Massachusetts - that way, some family, and family of friends (9 ppl in all) will be be there to witness this day, and paperwork can get rolling in the state we both reside in?  Perfect!

So we made a few phone calls, scouted out a few areas, and found a place called Suzanne's Garden to have our small 7 minute ceremony.  It was a picture perfect day - with pictures at the garden and nearby beach, and we wouldn't change a thing!!!

Now we are in the throes of planning our dream backyard awesome fantastic you're-going-to-be-talking-about-it-for-years-to-come-California-Wedding-and-Reception!!!! We can not wait!!!!

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Well - here I am - newly engaged - and already I have my dress picked out (thanks Momma!).

Years ago I found out about these new websites for a Honeymoon Registry - there are a few out there, but I really loved the ease with setting this one up.  Kind of reminds me of that old TV show:  "champagne wishes and caviar dreams"....only - its Honeymoon Wishes and Hawaiian Dreams!

The fact that this website allows you to create a blog and photo album, along with the registry just made it a win win and I think its such a great idea to keep guests informed, and to let everyone know how the planning is coming along.

It has always been a dream of mine - Eileen, the Bride to Be - to have a backyard wedding.  Since 50 Richard Road is no longer available to us for use (and the new owners kinda ruined our backyard, I mean, lots of us know how my Dad used to keep the yard so pristine and perfect ) - Vince and I decided to have it at my cousin Rich's home in the hills of San Jose, CA.  It is truly a gorgeous location - way up in the Morgan Hill area, and the view is just immense. *see picture

**The actual address is in San Martin (which is a suburb of San Jose/Morgan Hill).