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Although we have booked our honeymoon, we still have no idea what to do while we are there. There are so many activities that we really don’t know how we are ever going to decide. We do know that romantic dinners and a couple’s massage will be a MUST, and of course special amenities in our room like strawberries and champagne and chocolate dipped fruits will be wonderful, too. If anyone has any ideas what we can do activity-wise and want to share some of their vacation/honeymoon experiences, please let us know and we might consider them!

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Today was an interesting day - it was the third attempt to find the perfect wedding dress…

I went with my mom and guess what?! I found it! I'm posting a picture to show all my family and friends! I'm so excited...let me know what you all think.

It doesn't have much of a train and I was thinking of going without a veil...It's a clean and simple look but I think I look perfect in this dress!

I really hope everyone likes it! :)

First, I just have to say that I love the idea of this blog! It is great because I can get all of your opinions and you can learn all about the details of our wedding.

So, yesterday I went wedding dress shopping with my mom, sisters and Steve's sister but was unable to find the one that I envisioned. I liked a lot of the ones I tried on but I didn't feel that any of them were “me”. I am wondering just how long it will take me to find that perfect dress. I will keep you all updated on the search!