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We had just started college and had one class together. We didn't really speak that much to each other until we had been paired to work on an assignment together. While working on the project, we found out so much about each other and had a blast. We both started to develop feelings for one another, but we both kept that a secret. We would continue to hang out and I would go to his football games. After one of his games, we decided to go on our first "official" date. He took me out to dinner and that was when he asked me to be his girlfriend. Four years later, he took me to the same restaurant and that is where he proposed!

We want to have a timeless wedding surrounded by all of our family and friends. Minor details of the wedding still have not been determined. We will update our website and the invitations will follow.

We are still planning the details of the reception. All we know for sure is it is going to be in Las Vegas. The Venetian offers some really great options and we are starting to get more and more info. We can promise one thing...it is going to be a blast!

We are so excited to share our special day with all of you, our dear friends and family, and we are anticipating our romantic honeymoon in Las Vegas! We love you guys and we thank you for visiting our wedding website and our honeymoon registry! Since we already have every household item there possibly is, we figured why not have an extra luxurious honeymoon. See you all at our wedding! We love you!