Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for joining us in the celebration of our love. Danielle and I caught eyes at a rehearsal dinner of a good friend's wedding. She was wearing a stunning brown form fitting dress with high heels and smelling amazing. She had no clue what I was wearing. I approached her with a horrific pick-up line and she couldn't resist me. Before I could bat an eye there was already a u-haul in front of my driveway.

We moved in together in January of 2008. Little by little I was beginning to notice all my belongings inching closer to the garage (beer signs, girl posters, dorm fridge, etc...). Together she has helped me transform my man cave into a respectable furnished home.

As a result we've decided to register at honeymoon wishes. Please join us in our celebration and send us off right to Bali.

Danielle and An