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James and Brittany grew up in Milton Massachusetts just a half a mile apart, but only connected when they went to college! A simple coicidence of timing brought them together, and they have been inseperable ever since!

Over a beautiful chocolate fondue dinner at the Melting pot in Boston, James asked Brittany to spend the rest of her life with him, and she gleefully agreed.

James and Brittany will be getting married September 19th, 2015 in Deerfield New Hampshire.  After the wedding they will be going on a beautiful honeymoon in New Orleans and then will begin saving up to buy their own house.

Who? Brittany and James of course!

What? A small backyard wedding

When? Saturday, September 19th 2015

Where? 121 Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH at the Blenkhorn residence

Why? We love eachother to pieces

How? With a bride, a groom, and a ceremony!


But...What do I wear?

*Ladies: think dress, not evening gown.

*Gents: think dress pants, not tuxedo.


Alright, so what will we eat?

*Yummy BBQ!

   - Chicken

   - Pulled Pork

   - Salad bar

   - Corn on the Cob


James and Brittany have set up this honeymoon registry to help them pay for the honeymoon!  Any gifts toward their honeymoon experiences would be greatly appreciated and the memories would be forever cherished!  They have also created a small registry through Barrel for the few things the couple still need.

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