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We both grew up in Milton Massachusetts.  When we grew older and went off to college we started to talk for the first time.  When we connected we realized that we were the perfect march, and have been inseparable ever since!  Our goal is to continue to be the couple that listens to eachother, supports eachother, and above all else loves eachother no matter what.

  The big question on our second anniversary.  We went out to the Melting Pot in Boston, MA. We spent the night laughing and chatting over our delicious fondue dinner.  When we were finished the waiter brought out the amazing second course: our chocolate fondue!  

  James started toying with his hands as I cluelessly starting digging into the delicious chocolate fondue.  Next thing I knew James was sliding out of the booth and looking at me on one knee with a question.  My friend popped out of the booth next door and started snapping photos of James' breathtaking (and nervous!) speach about the love we share and how lucky we are to have found eachother.  I said yes, and from there we started planning our wedding!

James and I are going to start off our journey by geting married on September 19th 2015.  Our next step after that is to enjoy some well deserved relaxation time in New Orleans where we will explore all the amazing things New Orleans has to offer!  After we have saved enough money, we want to buy a house (not yet sure yet where!) and settle down.  Familly will come one day, but we can't even consider that yet! ;)

Who? Brittany and James of course!

What? A small backyard wedding

When? Saturday, September 19th 2015

Where? Deerfield, NH at the Blenkhorn residence

Why? We love eachother to pieces

How? With a bride, a groom, and a ceremony!


But...What do I wear?

*Ladies: think dress, not evening gown.

*Gents: think dress pants, not tuxedo.


Alright, so what will we eat?

*Yummy BBQ!

   - Chicken

   - Pulled Pork

   - Salad bar

   - Corn on the Cob


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