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Martin and I actually met seven years ago from mutual friends. We were both invited to a barbeque at our friend's house and that was the day that we first met. We were having so much fun getting to know each other but unfortunately our time together seemed short so I was sad when I had to leave. A couple of days later the phone was rang so I picked it up. It was Martin - he ended up getting my number from my girlfriend. We talked for quite some time and planned to hang out together. Over the next three years we became best friends. During the summer after I graduated college, Martin called and asked if I wanted to go to a baseball game with him. I was very excited to see him and accepted. That was the day that we realized our friendship grew into love and have been together ever since.

We want to have a beautiful, timeless wedding at St. Katherine's right here in La Jolla, California. The ceremony will start at 4 O'clock in the afternoon and will be lovely! It's only a matter of time until I take those first steps down the aisle wearing my elegant white wedding dress looking at Martin in his designer tuxedo, and that special moment where we gaze in awe at how amazing and timeless we both look.

Please join us at our wedding reception! The reception will immediately follow our wedding and will be held at Enchanted Shores in La Jolla, California.

We would like to thank all of our dearest family and friends for simply being here for us. You all have done so much and have made such a remarkable difference in our lives. We cherish the friendship, love and support you give us. Thanks for visiting our wedding website and honeymoon registry! We can't wait for our honeymoon in Riviera Cancun at Secrets Maroma Beach and wanted to thank all who made this possible! We love you guys! God Bless You All!

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