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10 Tips for Dressing Your Bridesmaids

Your best friends have agreed to stand by your side as you exchange vows at your romantic destination wedding. Be careful, dear Bride, the waters you're entering could be dangerous!!
Finding the perfect bridesmaids dress that will work for everyone will take some serious give and take. You want your BFF's to speak to you after your wedding, right????
Try these simple bridesmaid dress hunting tips to keep all parties involved smiling:
  • DO: make sure your bridesmaids look stunning, just like you, but in there own way so you'll have beautiful pictures and happy memories.
  • DO: make a dress budget and stick to it!!! While we're sure your BFF's are honored to be asked, you need to remember being your bridesmaid is also an obligation of several hundreds of dollars. Be considerate.
  • DO: start early. You'll want to leave enough time for alterations, usually two weeks to a month before your destination wedding date!!
  • DO: ask yourself. Would I wear this??? If the answer is no, put the dress back. Put yourself in their shoes.
  • DO: choose a dress that complements your bridesmaids shape and fits your particular destination wedding. You'll want to choose something comfortable and flattering (ask yourself, how's the weather going to be???). These days, many brides will pick a color that they would like the dress to be in and let each bridesmaid pick the style; just make sure it suits your destination wedding (you don't want a formal bridesmaid gown with a laid back beach wedding).
  • DO: let your bridesmaids voice what they will and won't wear. Schedule a lunch out with all your maids for a brainstorming session. Make sure to bring some bridal magazines to see what styles appeal to all. Next plan a date for everyone, if possible, to shop!! If you have out-of-town maids, make sure they are included by either scanning dress images to them or referring them to the website you're ordering from.
  • DO: choose your accessories such as shoes, purses, hair combs, necklaces, etc, at the same time your bridesmaid's dresses are chosen. Think about your destination wedding. You don't want one of your girls to encounter an embarrassing fall because you wanted high heels at your beach wedding.
  • DO: choose a bridesmaid dress with fabric that will work for your destination wedding. Choose a light breezy fabric such as chiffon or charmuese with a tropical setting in mind. Also remember you'll want something wrinkle- resistant for ease of travel and packing. These materials are also washable, so there's no need to worry about water or sand affecting the look of the dress.
  • DO: remember your flower girl!!! She'll want to match and be just as stylish as your bridesmaids.
  • DO: make it fun!!! Take this time to spend with all your closest friends and enjoy it. How often do you get everyone together??? And Shopping????