Katherine Thomas and Joseph Pace's Honeymoon Registry

Paris Bound

Hello friends & family!

Instead of a typical store registry of items that we just frankly really don't have room for, we decided to accept monetary donations to go towards having a really exciting, romantic, and luxurious honeymoon that we may not have been able to afford on our own. There are plenty of options for you to choose to put your gift towards: tours, dinners, events, or even a portion of airfare & accommodations (which are honestly our highest priority).

The sooner you pick your gift option, the sooner we can book everything and not have to worry about it, which would be a HUGE amount of worry off our shoulders.

Our plan is to go to Paris for a week, with possibly some short half-day excursions to nearby areas of interest.

Some outings are split into multiple gifts for more budget options (budget level for one gift quantity is indicated by number of dollar signs). If any outing doesn't reach the total amount by the end, then the gifts that were purchased will go towards the higher priority things (accommodations, air travel, dining). However, you do not just have to gift one of the gift portions. If you would like to donate more than one portion or would like to donate the entire cost of something, you can totally do so. (Example: Seine River Dinner Cruise is broken up into chunks, but you can donate the entire $400, or just half, instead of choosing just the single $100 gift option.)

No matter what you choose, we appreciate any gifts we happen to receive. :)

Thank y'all so much for your love and support and we can't wait to see you at the wedding!


Katie & Joseph


Montmartre Impressionist Art Walking Tour Incl. Skip-the-Line Musee d’Orsay $$

Montmartre Impressionist Art Walking Tour Including Skip-the-Line Musee d’Orsay Ticket

Katie is obsessed with the Impressionist painters so we'd love to go on a cool art history, guided, walking tour, that also includes a skip-the-line ticket to the Musee d'Orsay which houses the largest collection of Impressionist art in Paris. This total for this tour for both of us is about $120.

$60.00 each

2 of 2 available.

Notre Dame Entry $

Notre Dame Entry

Entry to this historical landmark is about $15 per person so I just listed it as one gift for $30

$30.00 each

1 of 1 available.

Paris Catacombs Tour - Special Access $$

Paris Catacombs Tour - Special Access

If you know us at all, you know that we love history and the macabre. We'd love to go on a Special Access Tour of the Paris Catacombs. This tour lets us skip the long lines, and allows us access to areas of the catacombs normally closed to the general public. The price per person for the tour is approximately $100 each so I just split it into 4 gifts of $50.

$50.00 each

4 of 4 available.

Paris Food Tour - Montmartre $$

Paris Food Tour - Montmartre

A food tour of the Montmartre area of Paris (lots of restaurants and food stores here). The tour includes all food tastings, including: a cheese shop, chocolate shop, creperie, pastries, bread, charcuterie, wine tasting, and a mystery secret dish at the end. The tour cost is $100 per person, so I split it into 4 gifts of $50 each.

$50.00 each

4 of 4 available.

Seine River Dinner Cruise $$$

Seine River Dinner Cruise

Make our trip to Paris extra romantic by treating us to a dinner cruise along the Seine River through the middle of Paris. This tour includes a 2+ hr cruise, a glass of champagne upon arrival, and 6-course meal with wine, as well as a guaranteed window table. The tour is approximately $200 per person, but in order to make it a more affordable gift option I split it into 4 gifts of $100 each.

$100.00 each

4 of 4 available.

Skip-the-Line Louvre Admissions $

Skip-the-Line Louvre Admission

By purchasing our entry tickets online ahead of time, we can skip the worst part of the line at the Louvre and have plenty of time to see such famous works as the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. These tickets are about $20 each so I just put one gift of $40 on the registry.

$40.00 each

1 of 1 available.

Tickets to the top of the Eiffel Tower $$

Ticket to the top of the Eiffel Tower

Take us to the top observation deck of the Eiffel Tower! It's $25 per person for the elevator tickets and $20 per person for the stairs. Since we haven't decided which ones we'll get yet, I just labeled this gift as $50 and if we do get the stairs tickets then we'll use the extra ten bucks towards souvenirs.

$50.00 each

1 of 1 available.

Versailles Tour $$

Versailles Tour

This gift includes transportation from and back to our hotel, skip-the-line entry to the Versailles palace and gardens, as well as a guided tour. The price for this tour is $240 total so I split it into three gifts of $80 each.

$80.00 each

3 of 3 available.


Upgrade the View $$

Upgrade the View

We don't want to settle for a standard room on our honeymoon! With your gift we can plan ahead and upgrade to a room with a view on our once in a lifetime trip! I figure that each gift of $80 will cover a night of an upgraded room.

$80.00 each

7 of 7 available.

A Night in Our Honeymoon Suite $$$

A Night in Our Honeymoon Suite

Each gift of $100 will go towards a portion of our hotel stay in a really nice hotel.

$100.00 each

11 of 11 available.


Breakfast $$


Help us start each day of our trip off right, by buying us a full sit-down breakfast!

$50.00 each

4 of 4 available.

Dinner $$


We'd love to have some romantic dinners during our trip, and enjoy a few glasses of wine while we're at it. Each gift should cover a really nice meal for both of us including a couple glasses of wine.

$80.00 each

4 of 4 available.

Drinks $

Drinks $

Buy us some drinks while we're out on the town!

$30.00 each

7 of 7 available.

Lunch $$


All that walking and sightseeing is pretty draining, help keep us from getting hangry by treating us to lunch!

$50.00 each

5 of 5 available.


Souvenirs & Shopping $

Souvenirs $

This is another lower priority but budget friendly option. If other high priority gift options aren't fully reached then the money from this option will go towards those instead.

$30.00 each

9 of 9 available.


Transportation - Taxis, Cars, and Metro $

Transportation - Taxis, Cars, and Metro $

Gifts from this category will go towards random daily transportation during the trip. If other higher priority categories do not reach their goals then I'll pull from this category to cover those.

$30.00 each

10 of 10 available.

Travel Airfare $$$

Travel Airfare

Any help to get to and from our destination is a wonderful gift. Airfare is the most expensive part of any trip. If we end up bundling airfare and hotel stay, then this will also go towards our hotel room. We would love to know this part is covered before anything else, so definitely consider this as the highest priority gift you can give us. :)

$120.00 each

25 of 25 available.

Unique Ideas

Gratuities $


From the excellent service at the hotel to the attentive waiters at dinner, there's going to be a long list of people to thank as we travel. This is a lower priority gift but a great low-budget option!

$25.00 each

10 of 10 available.

Strawberries and Champagne Welcome $$

Strawberries and Champagne Welcome

We can plan to start our trip with a romantic flair! What better way than with the decadence of this unbeatable combination? This gift will enable us to order strawberries and champagne on our arrival day.

$80.00 each

1 of 1 available.

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