Theodore & Irene
Theodore & Irene

Theodore Yates
Irene Brown

August 3rd 2023
Aruba Caribbean
58 Days Ago

It was four years ago and I just got out of my last class at the University of Michigan. I was having an incredibly good day, knowing that I got an A on my final. I was anticipating to tell my best friend, and my roommate at the time, that I had passed my final with an A. I was rushing back to my dorm and my final must have dropped out of my backpack because when I got home, it wasn't there. I drove back to school, and back-tracked my steps. Sitting under a shady tree was Theo, playing his guitar. He must have been watching me frantically tracing my steps because he asked if I was looking for something. I told him I must have dropped my final and he helped me look for it. We actually found it all the way in the 800 building where my class had been. Theo had this mysterious charm about him and I wanted to find out exactly why I had been so interested in him. I blurted out, "Wanna get something to eat?" He said he had plans later and I felt like an idiot. Later the next week, we bumped into each other again and he took me up on my offer. From then on, we were inseparable and spent every waking moment together. We have grown and changed so much since then, but somehow, it has brought us even closer together. Now look where we are, engaged and happier than ever!