Emily & Andrew
Emily & Andrew

We're Getting Married!

Emily Wiseman
Andrew Shackleford

October 3rd 2020
Rochester New York
1092 Days Ago

Our Story

Andrew and Emily first crossed paths during their first years at NYU Law. 

It was the third week of class when their legal writing professor split them off into study groups, the people they would be spending every waking moment with for the next semester. Looking around at his group, Emily caught Andrew’s eye almost immediately. 

Secretly, Em was also excited to be paired with Andrew. She had been intrigued by his tendency to play devil's advocate and unwavering passion for school, even in just a boring legal writing seminar. It helped that he had a cute smile, too. 

Over the course of the semester, the two grew closer with every late night study session and impromptu Starbucks run. It didn’t matter if he was talking, studying or laughing with Emily, Andrew just couldn't get enough. 

Unsurprisingly, they started dating within the year and have been together ever since. After graduation, the couple moved into an apartment on the Upper West Side and both scored spots at two of the city’s biggest law firms. Their weekends now mostly consist of cooking, visiting Emily’s family upstate or dancing at their favorite salsa bar. 

Andrew proposed to Em this past Christmas, surrounded by her loved ones at her childhood home. The pair has been planning their dream wedding for the past year and can't wait to see everyone in Rochester this October!