Nessa & George
Nessa & George

We're Getting Married!

Nessa Smith
George Jackson

June 5th 2021
San Clemente California
660 Days Ago

Our Story

After almost 10 years together, we’re finally tying the knot!

It all started in the summer of 2010 at good ol’ Camp Chawanakee. George’s eyes first met mine from across the volleyball net when I accidentally hit the ball directly into his face. After countless apologies and a trip to the nurse, he complimented me on my killer serve and asked if I wanted to sit together at the campfire later that night. Of course I said yes. I had just injured the poor guy after all!

To my surprise, we actually had a ton in common and it turned out he only lived two towns from me back home. By the end of the night, we had our first kiss. By the end of the summer, we were inseparable. 

Nine years, two golden retrievers and a house-flipping business later, we’re now settled in beautiful San Clemente, California. After our engagement last June, things have been a complete whirlwind with all of the wedding planning and also renovating our dream home. 

We’re so excited for the next chapter of our lives. Thank you for sharing this special day with us and making the trip out to California. We’ll see you all June 5th!