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As is true with most any couple in love, our journey to each other was a long and winding path, fraught with drama and heartache, but also bucketfuls of laughter, and cherished events, and moments of time when our destiny was crystal clear. It was not something we sought out. The relationship ran its own course like a freight train and we finally had to surrender our pre-conceived notions (Steven) and our independent ways of thinking (Lisa) and just trust that God had brought something together that was a win-win! Saying “I love you” to a long-time friend soon became the most enjoyable and natural thing. This merger of our families means we are now a family of 8! The support and encouragement from our adult kids and the precious acceptance from the little ones has been unbelievable and truly heartwarming. So, we boldly and excitedly embrace this new life all together, the smooth and the rough parts- we can handle it! Bring it on!

In February, after returning from Keller Williams Family Reunion, we started discussing our mutual desire to make our relationship more permanent. We awkwardly even did some ring shopping. But then Steven stopped talking about it and I feared he had changed his mind. On April 14th, he asked me to meet him at our Keller Williams office where we would meet some clients to go to dinner. Pulling into the parking lot, I saw this black stretch limo and thought, "Someone is having a special night!" As I walked closer, Steven emerged from the limo and leaned on it. I shouted at him, “Move! You’re going to get in trouble! That’s for someone's special night!” As he handed me a dozen roses, he suavely said "Darling, it's YOUR special night!"  Inside the limo was sushi, a bottle of wine called “Monogamy” and romantic CDs for the evening- he’s such a planner! I don’t remember what we talked about as we drove into Dallas- I was so giddy and nervous! We stopped in downtown Dallas and Steven led me into the most beautiful water display at Fountain Place where there’s about an acre of man-made fountains amidst the Dallas sky-scrapers. It took my breath away as he walked me to the most perfect spot of this oasis, got down on one knee, and at sunset, when the lights of the fountain came on (he had researched the exact moment that would occur that night!) told me he couldn’t live without me and pulled out this beautiful ring to slip on my finger! When I stopped crying and laughing, he whisked me back into the limo and down to Hotel Zaza with its chic pool patio where we waited for our table, or so I thought. Actually, Steven had reserved the romantic, exclusive, enclosed Wine Room for two, and had the limo driver spread rose petals all around this candle-lit room! A couple hours later, filled with sumptuous food, and feeling drunk on love (maybe a little wine too!), the planner had one more phase to the evening. Knowing how much I love Emerald City Band, off we went to Sullivan’s, and swayed the night away while admiring all the lights dancing off my beautiful ring! Oh what a night! Oh what a man!


Our Island Theme Wedding Ceremony will be held at the beautiful Green on the Creek at Watters Creek at Montgomery Farm in Allen at 4:30 P.M. on Sunday, October 2nd.  It is located at 970 Garden Park Dr.  There is ample structured parking all around.  Just make your way to the center of Watters Creek to the Green on the Creek where the Concerts are held.  The Ceremony will begin at 4:30 P.M.  Remember, it will be an Island Theme so no ties will be allowed, and shoes are optional!  We look forward to seeing you there.   

Our Reception will be immediately following the Ceremony, just north on Watters Road and right/East on Stacy at the picturesque Clubhouse at Star Creek.  It is located just North of Stacy on Star Creek Parkway. West of the Allen Outlet Mall. The Island Grill and Tiki Bar will be waiting for you!

A special thanks to Kelly Pearson for her help in securing the reception venue, to Taryn for securing the wedding venue, to Whitney Williams for her help in getting the details of the wedding arranged, & to Ryan Cave, our DJ and Margarita Machine Man! Finally to the family members and friends who have been so supportive, so encouraging, so helpful. We love you and feel humble gratitude for the many ways you've cared for us. Our relationship is strengthened by you.

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