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When we met just a few years ago, we started out as two friends who enjoyed all the same things. As time went on, we realized we were more than just friends and our feelings turned into love. The great thing is we will always be best friends and we think that is the most important asset before getting married.

After some time and hard work trying to find the perfect location to have our wedding, we came across a unique opportunity. We are having a destination wedding at Couples Negril! This will be an unforgettable event shared with our close friends and family. Minor details about our wedding are still being determined but with the help of our own personal wedding coordinator, we know our wedding dreams will come true!

After our wedding ceremony at Couples Negril, we welcome you to celebrate our new lives together! There will be delivious food and drinks, live entertainment and dancing and of course the traditional champagne toast. Minor details about our wedding reception are still being determined but we know it will be fantastic!

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