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What is a Honeymoon Wishes honeymoon gift registry?

Instead of a crock pot, towels, or pots and pans, Honeymoon Wishes allows you to register for experiences and adventures like a suite upgrade, couple's massages, beachside-dinner or treetop zip lining as wedding gifts!
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How does this honeymoon registry work?

  1. Sign up and register for free in about 5 minutes. Start Here
  2. Select from various experiences or create your own gifts!
  3. Share your registry with friends and family.
  4. Receive your gift funds how you want and when you want so you can enjoy the honeymoon of a lifetime.

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Why should we use

Honeymoon Wishes provides the only full service honeymoon registry for brides that expect a higher standard for their wedding. No tacky registry with ads here asking friends to "fund" your honeymoon and no bait and switch to our wedding couples. Guests can give you an experience or part of honeymoon you really want. We provide live customer service through our toll free number to help you, friends and family that need assistance (just in case they are not computer savvy or just want to talk a real person!).

  • You can withdraw your gift monies or request gift cards anytime as many times as you like!
  • We are the ONLY PCI compliant online honeymoon registry to ensure your friends and families money and information are secure.
  • You can book travel through whomever you would like, or use one of our 40,000+ travel agent partners.
  • You can choose from our pre made registry templates or create your own items with a choice of over 400 photos.
  • We have the most extensive list of hotel partners, gift choices and extras like personal wedding websites.
  • You can have the honeymoon of your dreams all presented in a fun and tasteful design to your wedding guests.

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When will we receive gift funds from this honeymoon registry?

It’s free to sign-up and register with Honeymoon Wishes. Based on the method you choose to request your funds, we may charge a small service and handling fee. This is in order to maintain the convenience of a full-service registry, live customer service, and the highest levels of security, encryption and insurance. This is often less than the shipping, taxes, and gift-wrapping charges of traditional registries. Plus, there is no hassle or embarrassment of returning or exchanging unwanted gifts!

Fund Request Method Delivery Time Fee
Gift Card Immediate None
Honeymoon Wishes Visa Mailed USPS $4.95 Activation Fee
Direct Funds Transfer (ACH) 1-2 days 3.5%
Check 2 weeks 7%

Unlike other registry sites, there are no hidden fees and we guarantee a spam-free experience. Anyone using a credit card to purchase a gift will be charged the commercial standard.

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How do we notify our guests about our Honeymoon Wishes registry and wedding website?

We provide:

Downloadable announcements to print
An email announcement wizard
A wedding website
A full online photo album
A wedding blog
A share tool to post your registry on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites

Make sure your family knows how special this is to you, ask them if they would suggest the honeymoon registry when guests ask what to get you. Remember that your guests really want to get you something you truly want and will remember forever.
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What is a Wedding Website?

Approximately 80% of today's wedding couples create a wedding website to share stories of how they met, their engagement, details for the wedding day, travel arrangements, etc.

Learn more about your free wedding website tool here: Wedding Website
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What if some of my wedding guests aren't that computer friendly?

No problem! Our customer service representatives are always happy to help and will take orders for your wedding registry over the phone. It is part of the outstanding customer service that we offer and part of what makes us the premiere honeymoon registry. Our toll free phone number is found on every page of the honeymoon registry site 1-800-801-3493.
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Does Honeymoon Wishes book the experiences and activities for me?

We give you the freedom to choose the venue, company and supplier, which means we don’t book anything. If your supplier requires you to book in a certain manner, we will notify you online under "Notes" and send you an email once the item is purchased for you with booking instructions.
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How will I know how much to ask for?

When you set up your Honeymoon Wishes registry, we suggest gift amounts for each experience per person per area. However, you’re free to ask for whatever you’d like and can break down the amounts any way you choose. For example, if an item costs $200.00, you may choose to ask for "2 gifts of $100.00" or "4 gifts of $50.00," etc.

NOTE: Prices vary by location, availability and are subject to change without notice.
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How am I notified of a purchase from my Honeymoon Wishes gift registry?

We send you an email to view your "Gift Announcement" filled out by your guests. You can also log onto your account at any time and go to "View Gifts" for details.

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When will my Honeymoon Wishes registry be active? When will my honeymoon registry close?

Guests can view and give you a gift starting the first day you set up your Honeymoon Wishes registry. Your honeymoon gift registry will remain active until you would like to delete it.
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What if we don't know where we are going but want to use the honeymoon registry?

If you have not booked your honeymoon trip or destination wedding yet and are not sure where you are going we suggest setting up as "Undecided" or "It's a Surprise!" You can always change this to the specific location for your honeymoon later. You can still list your wishes in a general way while you are planning.
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Can I use this honeymoon gift registry if I am not from the US?

Yes, absolutely! All amounts will remain listed in US$. We ask that you use a PayPal account so that we can send you money in a timely manner.
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Can I use this site for my Anniversary, Birthday or Graduation Celebration?

Yes! We have many couples use this site for their Anniversary or Vow Renewal. For your Birthday, Graduation, Retirement or any other special event, we've created the fun and versatile site!
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Can we set this up for a wedding couple as a surprise?

Yes, you can set this up for someone else as a surprise. However, it is very important to notify our office of all the details. Please email specific details of your situation along with your contact information to
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Who manages this honeymoon registry site? Are you a secure company?

Honeymoon Wishes provides all support and software for this honeymoon registry and has served over 1,000,000+ wedding couples since 2003. We are also very proud to be the honeymoon registry chosen by world-renowned travel and leisure companies to provide their gift registry software. We have been selected as the honeymoon registry for over 40,000+ travel agents in the United States and Canada. We are tested every day for security by Go Daddy, are the only PCI compliant honeymoon registry, have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and are a California Corporation. We are happy to speak with you if you have any questions.
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How do I make changes?

To make changes or learn how to manage your registry click here: How Does It Work
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