Being picked to be in the bridal party is a privilege in any wedding and the role of Matron of Honor is particularly important. So put your best foot forward to make this an unforgettable day for the bride.

Tips for the Matron of Honor

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Being the Matron of Honor means being responsible for organizing other attendants, helping the bride keep her cool and helping to keep her stress levels as low as possible! This will be a memorable experience that you and the bride will always cherish, and below are some tips that will help to make it a good one.
  1. Carefully plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party keeping in mind the bride's style and personal taste. Not every bride wants a luncheon bridal shower or wants an all nighter bachelorette party. If they are registered on the honeymoon registry, think about throwing a shower based on where her honeymoon will be.
  2. Keep in mind that getting married is a very emotional time for the bride and she may be more sensitive, so remember to let the little things go!
  3. Be sure to let everybody, including guests/friends/family know where the bride and groom are registered. Many brides aren't comfortable telling guests about their registry, so help out by sending an email to the guests and put the wedding websites and registries on the shower invitations. And of course, word of mouth is important - it's easy to talk about the dream honeymoon the couple wants to take, let the guests know how they can be a part of it by telling them about the couples honeymoon registry.
  4. Attend all of the wedding dress fittings with the bride.
  5. Accompany the bride on her shopping trip for the bridesmaid's dresses and bridesmaid's shoes. This way you can help guide her direction of taste, while having fun shopping for the honeymoon as well!
  6. Offer to accompany the bride to hair and make-up appointments and give her an honest opinion. Keep in mind to support her 110%.
  7. Make sure the party gets off to a good start be sure to socialize with those who may not know too many people at the bridal shower, bachelorette party and wedding reception. Make sure everyone is taken care of, comfortable and having a great time, it's your time to be a social butterfly!
  8. When the "Special Day" finally arrives, be sure to arrange the train of the bride's dress and veil before the ceremony and after she walks down the aisle. Pin up the train at the wedding reception too if needed.
  9. The most important heartfelt toast of all! Give a toast to the bride and groom at the wedding reception. Remember the toast should be straight from the heart but keep it short! Using notes for the toast is acceptable but be sure to make eye contact with your audience.
So, you may be thinking, "I have a lot of work ahead of me." Relax! You are perfect for the job. After all, she did pick you to be her maid of honor with all the confidence that you'll be the best for the job. Using these tips and with your consistent support you can make this experience that much more rewarding for the both of you!
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