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10 Tips for Stylish Bridal Hair

So, the destination wedding dress, shoes and accessories are picked out, but now you need to figure out what to do with your hair??? You surely don't want it looking like a lion's mane because you fried it with chemicals and it's too late to fix, right??? Here are some tips to make sure your locks are looking beautiful for your unforgettable destination wedding.
  1. If possible, have a consultation with your stylist of choice about six months before the wedding. You'll want to bring any headpiece you may use and a picture of the dress. Remember the more the hairstylist knows about the tone of your wedding, the better he/she can recommend the perfect hairstyle. Now, if this is not possible because the stylist is just too far to visit before your destination wedding try getting some recommendations from your resort. Once you have chosen a couple candidates, have a couple consultations via email. Send your stylist pictures of yourself and all accessories let them know what it is your looking for and ask what her recommendations are. Have her send you some photos of previous brides, so you can get a feel for her style.
  2. Don't use your engagement photo session as your "test run." There should be a separate "test run" for your portrait too. After all you'll be looking at this photo for the rest of your lives!
  3. A great rule to remember is the simpler the better. Pins can hurt and complicated hairstyles can often be delicate and for laid back destination weddings can look too formal.
  4. Keep in mind; you're having a destination wedding so an up-do would portray a more formal, evening look. Loose styles are more suitable for informal or day wedding, especially if it's on the beach!!!
  5. Some hairstyles can actually add inches to the shorter bride's height. So if you didn't get blessed with being tall, you may want to use this to your advantage.
  6. This is no time for any surprises!!!! Get your hair dyed, relaxed, etc before you leave for your destination wedding. No chemical treatments the day of your wedding.
  7. Once you've chosen the exact color you'll want for your special day, have it colored one to two weeks before the wedding. Hair color always looks best during the first two weeks.
  8. If a permanent wave or relax is absolutely needed, have this done at least a month before the wedding.
  9. For optimal styling results, do not wash your hair the day of the wedding, and wash lightly the day before. Hair that is over conditioned or too fine will not style well, this being said, deep-conditioning treatments should not be used within four days of your wedding.
  10. Save some $ and go to a salon!!! Not only will it save time and cost less, but hairstylists work better in their own environment with their own tools. Have your wedding party meet at the salon a couple hours before everyone needs to meet for ceremony pictures.
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