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I had made one request long ago, that the proposal be a complete surprise. Erik had a big job ahead of him! I am terrible at receiving surprises so I nearly ruined the whole thing! 

We had made weekend plans and Erik suggested we change them because he really wanted to go to a special resturant we had found a few months prior. This put my antenna up, but I was not completely suspicious at this point. A few days later he let it slip that we had reservations. This set off all of my alarms! Erik never makes reservations! I of course, could not stop thinking about it and finally I exploded the night before. I asked if I needed to paint my nails for dinner. Erik's face turned red and he just looked at me. I was immediately devestated because I thought I had taken the surprise away from him and I began to cry. He dried my tears and said, "Baby, don't worry - I love you."

The next day I resolved to pretend last night had not happened. We had a beautiful day in Des Moines where we ran a charity 5K with some of his extended family and hit up our favorite cheese shop. That night on our way to dinner we were nearly silent. I remember sneaking a look at his pockets to see if I could pick out where the ring was and I could not stop thinking about how he was going to ask. We walked into the Ladora Bank Bistro and Erik led me straight to the bar. I immediately began to recognize faces. So many of our closest friends were there and it took a second to process. As I looked back at Erik, he was on one knee holding the ring. 

All of my happiness rushed out in tears. I couldn't hear what he said when he asked, all I knew was my answer was yes! As he slipped the ring on my finger the whole restaraunt clapped and cheered. Erik was able to keep the biggest secret and I was completely surprised!