We started as coworkers and became friends when each of us needed a friend. Late doctor nights and early morning calls helped us get to know each other. We discovered our mutual interest in Broadway and all things Disney. Once we were both unattached our relationship blossomed and soon we knew it was forever.

A fall night at the zoo, what could be more perfect for us? As the sun sets we will say vows and exchange rings while our friends, family and the animals look on. The celebration starts as soon as you arrive. Our bartenders will prepare you a drink, the caterers will offer tasty bites and the DJ will play music we have selected that speaks to who we are alone and together. The ceremony will be heartfelt with our families taking part and joining us as one. After the kiss we will dance the night away.

Our love of fall continues with our honeymoon locale, Vermont. We plan for Apple picking, pumpkin patch visiting, mountain hiking, and cheese & wine tasting. Looking forward to crisp cool days and beautiful fall leaves in a multitude of colors. Dana is looking forward to cuddling close because Brenna needs a personal heater :)