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WOW, where a calendar can lead!!!   More below......

We met last year two days after the "100 year flood" in Nashville, and at that time, we never realized that Northstar Anesthesia could bring us together in such an incredible way!!  Neither of us really know exactly when the connection between us was established, but from the beginning, there was a huge mutual professional respect!!  We worked so well together and got so much done collaboratively.  We were both professionally driven and perfectionists by nature, and there was much to accomplish.  As we began to work as a team, we quickly realized that we were better together than as individuals.....all Professionally speaking at this time.  Don designed a call schedule, using an Excel platform,that only he could work, but then he forgot that only he could do it.......and LEFT!!  Poor guy, I would take 4-8 hours of his time every month when I was "on call" on the weekends trying to reformulate his excel calendar for the following month.  We had such admiration for each other from day one.  Day after day, month after month, and eventually, we realized there was something far beyond colleagues or friends.  We both ran from it for months, due to the people that brought us together, Northstar Anesthesia.   Finally, we both gave in to the love we were feeling and knew it was a once in a lifetime.  Although, we had so many obstacles between our careers, our companies opinion of our relationship, locations, and life in general, we fell in love and have never looked back.

 We would love all of you to come share a little "Tennesse" atmosphere with us as we celebrate our LOVE and the joining of our lives as a Couple.  It would be our honor to have you join us on January 14, 2012!!  The Wild Turkey Ranch will host the event starting at 6pm.  We want everybody to come comfortably dressed, hopefully with your boots on and ready to have lots of fun!!!  

Come celebrate with us!!  

Look for updates in our blogs!!

We will honeymoon in Fiji, on the island of Viti Levu, in a private beach home.  One thing you will realize about us is we are both home bodies and hate crowds!!  We love spending time with each other just talking and laughing alone.  We look at the clock sometimes and just wonder where the time went.  We are so comfortable just being........anywhere together!!! Our saying has always been "we would be happy together in a box anywhere".  We dont normally do "Fancy" because it makes us uncomfortable, but the exotic private setting of Fiji seemed like a perfect way to excape the demands of Work and focus on US.