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"Our Story" I was 19 and Mark was 22. It all started on our first date August 23, 2012. Mark and I were friends for many months at college, within those months Mark kept asking me out and I said " I really just want to be friends" I do not know how many times he asked, let’s just say he was persistent. In the beginning of August, I was on vacation visiting family. Mark and I texted each other the whole time. He said "let me prove the other guys wrong" I finally said yes! So, the day of August 23rd we had a reservation at a restaurant. I believe it was at 5 o'clock or something. Anyways, Mark was two hours late and was not answering his phone. As minutes went on and the constant phone calls to his phone, I did not leave the nicest messages. I was ready to call it a night. After waiting a couple of hours, my parents went out to eat and my little brother chose to stay home with me and keep my company. Not too long after, the doorbell rings. My brother answered the door and it was the police. The officer asked if a Samantha Larcom lived here. My brother made a funny comment "what did she do now?" The officer asked me if I was supposed to have a date with a Mark Zinser that evening and I said yes.... The officer said that Mark's phone had died and he did not remember your exact address, so he was going door to door asking if the they knew where "the Larcom’s" lived. The officer said they were called because they thought Mark was a stalker. The officer asked me if I still wanted to have this date and I said, "well I am already dressed." The officer had this big smile on his face. He said this was one of the best nights and the best story he had ever heard. The officer left and escorted Mark to my house, but I was not allowed to leave the house yet. My brother called my parents saying that Sam's date was finally here and asked what he should do. My parents told my brother to question him like an interrogation. I still remember one question Josh asked Mark and mind you Josh was only sixteen years old. He asked Mark " Did you have any other encounters with the police other than this time?" I was laughing so hard and I felt so bad for Mark but I was also embarrassed. After the so-called interrogation was over we finally went out. Since it was now three hours since our date was supposed to start we missed our reservation, so instead we went to Dave and Busters. We have been together ever since. It is now over six years together and I wouldn’t change a single second of it. We both have been through so much individually and as a couple, but it has only made us stronger. I love this man with all my heart and I cannot wait until I become his wife. I look forward to what life has instore for us. #HappilyEverZinsers

“Our Story” I was 22 and Sam was 19.  It all started on our first date on August 23, 2012.  Sam and I were friends for many months before at college.  In the months before I kept asking her out and she said that she just wanted to be friends.  I kept telling her that I wanted to be more then just friends and finally after numerous times of asking she finally agreed to go out with me.  So, on the day of August 23rd we had reservations at a restaurant.  As I was driving to her house my phone had died and I did not have a phone charger at the time.  I tried to remember her address by memory and I thought I had the right address remembered.  I was on the block I thought she lived on and I was driving slowly up and down the street to see if I saw her waiting outside.  When I didn’t see her, I stopped and started going door to door to see if anyone knew her or where she lived.  As I was doing this someone had called the cops because they thought I was a stalker.  I explained to the officers the situation, but they didn’t believe me.  I told them Sam’s name and one officer left as the other officer stayed with me.  After a long wait the officer came back with a smile on his face and laughing saying that he went to her house and she still wanted to go on with the date.  He told me which street she lived on and I went their nervous and embarrassed.  When I showed up I apologized numerous times and was interrogated by her brother Josh.  After the interrogation was over we finally went out and since we had now missed our reservation we decided to go to Dave and Busters.  We have been together ever since.  It is now over six years together and I wouldn’t change any part of it.  We have both been through a lot individually and as a couple, but it has only made our relationship stronger.  I love this woman with all my heart and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with her.  #HappilyEverZinsers