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Our reception will be fun & fabulous! Please join us and celebrate our new lives as Mr. and Mrs. Docker! There will be dining, drinks, dancing, live entertainment, good times for all! Our wedding reception will immediately follow our ceremony.

Here are the directions to arrive at the Reception from the Ceremony:

Turn right onto Newport Boulevard and drive 1.1 miles until you come to Interstate 610. Take the ramp on the right side, which makes a loop to I-405 North.

Drive 25.4 miles on Interstate 405 North and then keep right on Exit 37 toward Interstate 110 North.

Continue on I-110 North for 6 miles until you reach Interstate 105 West. Stay in the right lane and merge onto Interstate 105 West.

Drive 4.1 miles on I-105 West. Take Exit 3 to Prairie Avenue. When you are off Interstate 405, turn left onto Market Rd.

Continue on Market Rd. for 0.6 miles and it will be on your left.