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This is a message to all our friends and family from Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Alexander Amonett.

So we did it... we are married and it was the most beautiful and amazing ceremony. We had 40-50 of our newest friends in attendance. Alex had a best man (who also walked me down the isle) and I had a maid of honor who held the bouquet while we said our vows and exchanged rings. Everything turned out so wonderful. The romantice torch lit dinner on the beach was also too much to ever hope for and think you all for making it possible.

We are so happy. The honeymoon has started and the wedding was amazing. We haven a DVD of wonderul pictures to share with the entire family. We want to thank you all again for your contributions to this amazing event in our lives. The photos will serve to remind us of all the fabulous fun we had.

We went on our Shark Dive this morning. We can't wait to show you all the pictures and video of us swimming with the sharks. It was so much better than I could have ever imagined.

The stars must be aligned. We had the best sunset of our trip just for the wedding, and the most perfect current free sea of the morning allowing for a perfect dive. We even saw an eagle ray on our afternoon dive today and a 7 ft moray eele - WOW!.

The days are too short. We want to stay a couple of extra weeks. He he...

We will try and upload some pictures later today after our night dive, but we've got a few up from the first day now so if you can see those...I hope they do this place justice.

We love you all very much!

Mr. and Mrs. Amonett

Well we've gone on several dives now and spent lots of time with the wedding coordinator. It looks like everything is all set for tomorrow at sunset. The blood test required another crazy trip into town, but our driver got us there and back safe. People who rent motobikes here are crazy. LOL

So far we have seen 3 amazing sunsets, with another one just minutes away. We are using this sunset to select the perfect place on the beach to put the arch.

We look forward to sending out the pictures as soon as we can.

Love you!

Bobbie & Alex

OK Friends and Family...

Here goes...

First we'd like to say that today was a wonderful first day in paradise, but the internet is really slow and loading pictures has become something that it looks like we may not be able to do. We hope this message finds you all well and will try and post them daily or at least every couple of days. We have to go to the hotel office and use a computer there, to get to this website.

We took a very neat trip around the island today (Sunday) in a hotel bus. The drivers here must spend a whole lot of time learning how to drive on a crazy obstacle course. We were thinking we might rent a car, but after today, we will leave the drive to the pros. :-)

We met several really nice people today and even wen on our first dive if the trip.

Everyone is very nice.

We saw a turtle, beautiful coral, the feared lion fish (which is destroying the reef), and many other wonderful things.

The beach is breathtaking. We are taking a million pictures. We were able to upload a couple but not many.

We love everyone and will write again soon.

Bobbie & Alex