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Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Rollings proud parents of Bobbie Sue Rollings


Mr. and Mrs. Gaylon Amonett proud parents of Adrian Alexander Amonett

Are pleased to announce the joining in marriage of their beautiful children

April 7, 2011

Infinity Bay Beach Resort

Roatan, Honduras


You know those story book relationships that begin in grade school with a little girl meeting a little boy on the playground. He sits behind her in class and puts gum in her hair and she cries. In high school he is the football star and she's the head cheerleader and they fall in love. In college they lose touch but meet up again at the 10 year reunion, fall in love all over again, get married, and live happily ever after? Well that is nothing like us.

We start about 2 years before we met. That is when my mother started telling me about this great guy at work that she thinks would be perfect for me. She tells me that she tries to get his attention to show him my photo, but he is ALL BUSINESS and she never gets the chance.

Then, two years later on March 15, 2008, on a night when I really didn't mean to be out and about, a good friend of mine and I decided to go to the only real restaurant in town for a quick dinner. As we are finishing up our meal, this tall, dark, and handsome man walked in. I pointed him out to her and she immediately called dibs. I told her "No Way, I saw him first" and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. One that I can now say is the greatest of my life.

We immediately realized that it was meant to be. By the end of our first month together we established a strong common interest foundation which included us both being career minded, enjoying the finer things in life (which occasionally means just being lazy together), and having a thrill seeking spirit. This is how we figured out we quite simply couldn't live without each other.

And that is how we got here...


Our ceremony will be the most magical and enchanting event of our lives. Set on the white sand beaches of Roatan Honduras with the crystal blue Caribbean waters as a backdrop, the whole experience will be nothing short of a fairytale.

Cherished Friends & Loved Ones:

After two months of careful deliberation and searching for the perfect church in Texas to have a wedding, we came to the conclusion that a wedding the size we need to have all our loved ones and friends attend would cost about as much as a substantial down payment on a house. Logically, we had to adjust our sights a bit and be more realistic. That is how we came to choose a destination wedding.

While we know you may not (you are all invited) be able to be on the beach to share in our beautiful day, you will all be with us in spirit and we are so excited to share our future with you. We can't believe it's just around the corner! It goes without saying that the best gift anyone can give us is to spend our special day with us (again... you are all invited), however we do understand that the custom is to give wedding presents. Since we are both adults and have had 30 plus years to gather all that two people could possibly need to fill a household (as prior to meeting we both had enough stuff to fill a three bedroom house each), we really don't need more 'stuff'.

Instead, we've put together this honeymoon registry so that our friends and loved ones can contribute to our experiences. Our honeymoon will be an amazing getaway to romantic Roatan Honduras. It is one of the world’s most beautiful tropical dive locations. We have planned a fabulous 11 day adventure and are excited to share in some very exhilarating experiences together. We can't wait to tell you all about the wedding and the unforgettable memories we made.



Alex and Bobbie