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Honeymoon Wishes

When Wesley and I first met it was Labor Day Weekend of 2008. I was getting ready to go wakeboarding on the Good ol Delta with my girlfriend and her friends that I had never met before. Well.. We happened to be waiting for one of her friends that was running late. Low and behold it was Wesley Wahl and to think I was actually a little upset that we waited around for some guy for 45 minutes that I had never met before, but hey things happen for a reason right? : ) Let me say I AM SOOOO HAPPY THAT WE WAITED FOR HIM! xoxoxoxo

I had no idea that this day would be the first day that I would meet my future husband. We hit it off right away and he being the man of many words, he didnt say much, so I did all the talking. It happened to be a perfect match since I am more outgoing and Wesley is more of a quiet person. We have been thru hard times together and thru good times together. We have also experienced many life changing events together like buying our home in Ripon, combining two houses in one, and school.

I have never had such a supportive man in my life. Wesley has supported me through working two jobs at once, late night bus trips for work, CASA advocating for foster children, and attending the University as a full time student. Did I mention that for the first two years of our relationship these were all happening at once?? Wesley supports me through thick and thin, even when he knows that I have put too much on my plate at once.

Fast Forwarding to today, we are a happy, healthy family living in Ripon. My two boys Hunter and Konner absolutely adore Wesley and he is by far the worlds greatest stepdad. All the way from late night plots on mom, setting leprechaun traps at night in Konners room, playing tooth fairy when moms wallet is empty, giving Hunter those special talks about girls, fishing, and involving them in everything the he does. I remember Konner helping Wesley measure the tile for the layout in the front room and Konners eyes lit up like it was the coolest thing ever. I couldnt ask for a better man or life!

We cant wait to get married and start our new life together and add a new addition to our family.

Our wedding is very simple and will be held in Stateline, Nevada (South Lake Tahoe) There is only 60 guests invited due to the limited seating and then there will be a cake and champagne reception immediately following.

The Maid of Honor is my sister Amber and the Best man is Wesleys dear friend Chad. These are the two people that have been here through thick and thin for us and can't wait for these two special people to sign as witnesses on our marriage certificate.

My two boys Hunter and Konner will be walking me down the isle, Hunter is very excited to do this, and since he has been my right hand man from the begining I think he is more than worthy of the job.

We have never been anywhere except Mexico with Amys family back in 2009 so the honeymoon is a highlight for us we are very excited about it. Spending 7 days at a Sandals Resort in Jamaica is a dream come true for us! We have never had a vacation with just us and honestly between the kids, home improvement projects, work, and is much needed.

We would just like to thank all of our family and friends for being the best anyone could ever ask for!


Amy & Wes