Sharyn Sablan & Dale Miron
Location: Mission San Diego De Alcala
Please view our official wedding website, created by Dale Miron at : .
Mission San Diego De Alcala 1200 noon Nuptial Mass
Details and directions on official website:
Coronado Community Center - Ballroom
4 pm Entertainment, Cocktails and Apptetizers at outside patio
5 pm Reception begins inside ballroom
See details at
Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for visiting this website. This is a website linked to one of our bridal gift registries: You may have the option to choose a gift for our dream honeymoon so that it will no longer be a dream, but a reality! We are also registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Due to our limited space in the condo where we will be living in, we will not have space for too many household gifts, but we are open to receiving selected items from Bed,Bath & Beyond. We also welcome monetary gifts as well. If you choose, you may mail packages to the following address before our wedding date:
Sharyn Sablan
17105 W. Bernardo Dr. #104
San Diego, CA 92127