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Honeymoon Wishes
April Flores & Herman Dune
Location: Catalina Island
We have known each other for a long time and for those of you who know us, you know what a long crazy process this has been for the both of us. :) We met in kindergarten and went through every year of school together, even college. We were always best friends but as we got older it started turning into a crush and grew into a love that we both possess to this day. We have a daughter together and she is only growing bigger and bigger. We want more kids in the future and wish to have a big, healthy, beautiful family! Our love story has been with us throughout our whole lives and we are truly blessed to have each other and our beautiful daughter Kylie!
We want to have a timeless wedding at Saint Thomas' Catholic Church, right here on Catalina Island, California. The ceremony will start at 4:00 O'clock in the afternoon and will be lovley! It's only a matter of time until I take those first steps down the aisle wearing my elegant white wedding dress looking at Herman in his designer tuxedo, and that special moment where we gaze in awe at how amazing and timeless we both look.
Please join us in celebrating our new lives together as Mr. and Mrs. Dune! There will be dining, dancing, drinks, live entertainment, and a good time! Our wedding reception will be approximately one hour after our wedding and will be held at The Harbor a couple of blocks from Saint Thomas' Catholic Church.
For those of you who will be joining us for our romantic wedding on Catalina Island, California, and are traveling from afar you can book your flights and room reservations with our travel agent. To book your flights and reserve your rooms now, contact us so we can put you in touch with our travel agent.
There were so many honeymoon cruises to choose from with different honeymoon suites, different honeymoon destinations with honeymoon packages, and all inclusive honeymoon resorts with all inclusive honeymoon packages! After all the research, we finally chose one and thanks to all who helped us in finding our romantic honeymoon destination, St. Thomas! We are so blessed to have friends and family supporting us and guiding us through this beautiful life. We are even more blessed to have all of you there with us sharing the special moments on our wedding day on Catalina Island! We are anticipating our exotic honeymoon in St. Thomas and wanted to thank all who made this possible! We love you guys! God Bless You All!!!