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Honeymoon Wishes
Justina Woodman & Matthew Harris
Location: Crawford's Barn, Sacramento CA
The happy couple!Lovin Summer!Grease monkeys!
The happy couple!Lovin Summer!Grease monkeys!
J: I used to go into the auto parts store at which Matt was employed several times a week, just to see him. I bought brake fluid almost every time I went in (it was cheap, and you can never have too much!) and I'm sure he was wondering what on earth I did with it all! We started going to lunch together, & have been doing so ever since!!
M: I remember Justina when she came in once in her lifted F250. She was fishing all day in the rain and she needed hmmm brake fluid? I was thinking to myself how do I land a hottie like that. She was playing in the rain in her lifted truck and fishing all day I was hooked at first sight. Now we are on a 4wheel drive trip for the rest of our lives. When I am in a tough spot she throws me the tow strap, and I hope to forever return the favor.
Alright! Finally secured a date and a location! Our wedding will be located at an adorable location in Sacramento called Crawford's Barn. The date has been updated to July 6, 2008 at 2:30pm.
We are planning on spending a relaxing Monday with the family and packing for our trip, and we fly out of Sacramento for our honeymoon on Monday, July 7 in the evening. We will be arriving in Montego Bay at 11:30am on Tuesday the 8th, and hopefully settled in our room in time for dinner!! We have planned on staying at the Sandal's Resort in Ocho Rios for 7 days!
Thank you for visiting our site!! We have both agreed that we can't decide what we're looking forward to more, the wedding or the honeymoon! But we also agree that we can't wait to see everyone!!

Matt and Justina