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Honeymoon Wishes
Elissa Gomez & Joey Lerma
Location: East Beach, Santa Barbara, California
Our mutual love of punk rock music is what brought us together. We were both connected to this local band called The Erks. After hanging out at shows and becoming friends we eventually feel in love. We feel like we understnad each other, we hold the same values, and compliment each other. I have found in Joey and true friend who understands and who I never want to stop hanging out with. Someone to talk to who is always on my side. We share the same interests and enjoy doing the same things. We are not your typical family but we would not have it any other way.
We are getting married on a beautiful beach in one of our favorite cities. Santa Barbara is where my parents live and we spend as many weekends as we can there, enjoying the wonderful weather, and just wonderful views. The ocean has always held a special place for me and it has always been a dream to be married on the sand. We have found a wonderful officiant who will marry us in a non-religious, short, but meaningful ceremony. This is a second marriage for both Joey and myself and we feel that the most important part this time is having our friends and family all together to celebrate with us.
The reception will be at my parents ranch house. It is a beautiful house on a hill with such a gorgeous view. You can see the mountains, the ocean, the islands, and even my alma mater UCSB. My parents have only been in the house a little over a year, but my family already has some wonderful memories there.
We understand that Santa Barbara is a big trip for a lot of our guests. I will be glad to help out in searching for hotels. Just email me and I can send a list of hotels in the area.
Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. We are so excited to start this new phase of our life together.