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Honeymoon Wishes
Shelley McLeod & Dale Bailey
Location: Secrets Marmoa Beach Riveria Maya Mexico
It makes me laugh just thinking about it again. We met at the Dog Park....I walked in and let Jax go running. I noticed this guy hanging out with his ball cap pulled down and his right arm wrapped up in white plastic protective material. He was a total mess!!! Of course so was Zito running around like crazy dunking the whole front of his body in the large water bowls. It was really too funny!

Needless to say we stuck up a conversation both wondering why the other was still here actually talking to the other. I thought "he's too nice...has to be married". We both lied saying that we came to the dog park all the time. So when I pulled in to the parking lot on Monday night and saw this same guy out there....I couldn't help but smile.

We closed the dog park down each time we met over those first 3 days and I'll never forget at some point he looked at me and said "Where have you been? You're the girl for me". Didn't know what he was getting himself into. =-)
Our wedding will be very small and simple. We will be married at 5pm July 2nd on the Secrets Maroma beach in Riveria Maya Mexico. To our great surprise three friends have decided to join us there to witness and celebrate with us. We can't wait!!!
We invite all of our close family and friends to join us at Red Tree Gallery in Oakley to raise a glass to our marriage. Each person means so much to us and our individual growth and as a couple. We feel privileged to share this time with you.
Dale and I are so excited to be married...we are really looking forward to coming home and
celebrating with everyone. =-) YIPPEEEE!