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Honeymoon Wishes

It all started at a drinking club with a running problem. The Phoenix Hash House Harriers met on a hot Saturday afternoon in July of 2008 for a run that ended at a bar called the Wine & Burger (and yes, it was as lovely a place as the name suggests). Kelly had almost decided not to go, having just taken a 5-hour CPA exam that day and needing to catch an early flight to Montana the following morning. But we all know that Kelly is not one to turn down an opportunity to socialize, especially when there are wine & burgers to be had. Andy showed up for the run with his two dogs, Buddy and Remi, both well-trained in the art of chick-magnet.

Unfortunately, Andy couldn't work his magic at the Wine & Burger because the bar didn't allow dogs inside. He remained out in the heat with Buddy and Remi, unable to learn more about this intriguing young woman who had graciously brought a dish of water outside for his dogs. Finally, he decided to duck into the bar to order a quick stiff drink. No sooner could he tell the bartender, "A shot of vodka please" than a voice across the bar shouted out, "Did someone order a shot? Not without me!?" It was the gracious lady herself. And so Kelly and Andy shared their first drink.

Throughout their relationship it seems everyone has seen this day coming, and yet, Kelly has been repeatedly surprised by Andy. On Valentine's Day, she walked into Andy's house to find a rose petal-filled hot tub with strawberries and champagne. For our grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary party Andy traveled cross-country to be her date (and when asked by the photographer taking our family portrait if he was part of the family, replied coyly, "Not yet."). And she was especially surprised the day he proposed.

Andy's original idea was to pop the question while on a camping trip, the ring hanging from the frets of her newly tuned guitar, but this romantic plan was thwarted when Kelly returned from a long work trip exhausted. Being the easy-going man that Andy is, he simply said, "Because I am more concerned with you being happy and rested than with my plan working perfectly, this is Plan B? Babe, will you marry me?" We can all imagine the squealing, jumping, and exclaiming that ensued.


They set the date for March 12, 2011, as it will be our grandparents' 62nd wedding anniversary. Kelly expressed the sentiment, "Our hope is that our marriage can be even half as fulfilling and successful as theirs still is."

For the juicier details of this charming "how we met" story, find out from the couple why Andy once dumped an entire cooler of ice water over Kelly's head, and how their first kiss came about. On second thought, perhaps not.

The wedding ceremony will be held on the island green right in the center of Arizona Grand Resort and will start promptly at 11:00am. Businesss casual dress.

Directly following the ceremony, a cocktail hour will begin outside the Grand Ballroom. After the cocktail hour, lunch will be served in the Grand Ballroom. Then, let the partying commence! Following the reception, everyone is invited to the Aunt Chilada's, just a short walk from the resort, to continue the celebration with us.

The Arizona Grand Resort has offered a reduced rate for our guests that choose to stay at their hotel. We should have wonderful weather here during March, so all of our quests coming in from the cold east coast should find the nice change in climate spectacular! It will be slighlty chilly (for Arizona) at night, but nice warm sunshine during the day.

Thank you so much for sharing this exciting day with us! We look forward to seeing each and everyone of you! We will be around Sunday morning for breakfast prior to our departure for our honeymoon to Belize. We would love to visit a while before everyone goes their separate ways.