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As many of you already know, because David and I both like telling "our story" over and over and over (ha!), we met at the House of Blues in downtown Houston over two years ago. He took his mom out that night to show her a good time. They didn't have plans to do anything; it was "spur of the moment." David actually had to convince Mary to get in the "go out" mode. My great friend, Kimberly, and I were looking to have a girl's night out and indulge in good food, drink, music, and conversation. We didn't plan on doing anything until after work that Friday so it was a "spur of two minutes," ha! I remembered hearing good things about the House of Blues so off we went to have us a good ole' time!!

Kimberly and I purchased balcony seats on-line right before we left. We chose to get seats because we didn't know if we would get trampled on in a "mosh pit," both of us are 5'2" short. Time to Google "mosh pit" dad! :) David asked for general admission/standing room tickets and Mary made him change it to balcony seats because MOMMA AIN'T NO FOOL.

We were already seated when David and Mary (I thought she was his date for a few seconds) come struttin' down the aisle like they own the place. J/K I thought I was going to be super, alcohol tolerant that night-you know, because I NEVER am (made sense to me). Since I was NOT tolerant, the first thing that I said to both David and his sweet, loving, understanding, forgiving, mother-of-the-lifetime was "want a shot." If anyone needs any "cool" pointers you know who to call now.

So, we met each other and hung out for awhile. I asked David's age and pretty much took off to the mosh pit. He coincidentally ended up right next to me downstairs giving me "googlee" eyes. I didn't catch on to his interest level immediately but when I did I had to give him a BIG SMOOCH at the end of the night. :)

David contacted me a few times to ask me out but I just wasn't sure about the next "date step"Вќ so it took a few weeks for me to get over myself. I don't think we knew each other's name for a good two weeks afterward. David had Katie call me so she could get my name. He IS so clever!! When he called, I said "who?" ha! J/K And the rest is history.

David and I have such a loving and strong relationship and Colin is right in the middle of all that affection and stability. We didn't know it could be this good. God is who we look to for guidance and with every passing day our faith becomes stronger and stronger. In turn, we work toward becoming the best versions of ourselves and learn that there is peace, love and joy today, tomorrow, and on the other side. That is His promise to us and YOU. Through life's adventure we learn and grow. We truly are so happy to be taking this journey together with Colin and our future child(ren). Thanks for being apart of this road trip!!

The ceremony will be held at 5:00 p.m. at Chapelwood United Methodist Church in the Memorial area of Houston. The physical address is 11140 Greenbay Street, Houston, TX 77024. From I-10, you can take Voss to Memorial Drive to Greenbay Street. Please MapQuest the directions.

Invitations will be mailed by mid-March.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to invite everyone we hoped to invite. It has been such a struggle to account for everyone. We have truly tried to allow all children to attend but it's just not going to be possible. We are very sorry. Please accept our apology. :(

On the upside, the theme is tradition meets rock-n-roll so we have come up with our own attire category-Funky Fab! That just means semi-formal with some spice would be nice.

We are only registered at this website due to not having a need for household items or traditional wedding gifts. :)

The reception will immediately follow the ceremony at the Historic Fire Station in the Heights. The physical address is 107 West 12th Street, Houston, TX 77008. It is only ten minutes down the road from the church. Directions will be handed out at the ceremony.

We will serve Mexican food, alcoholic beverages, cake, candy, a DJ, and one heck of a PARTAY! Bring your dancing shoes please!!!

Please feel free to bring your favorite drink in the event our adult beverage "well runs dry." :)

Italy here we come! We will be staying in Amalfi, Italy which is on their west coast close to Naples. What?! Oh, yeah...we are so excited! Hopefully, we will visit Rome, Florence, Isle of Capri, Venice, Milan, and wherever the vineyards take us! We will be pinching ourselves the entire trip. We absolutely love to travel and I have been dreaming of going to Italy for what seems like an eternity. This will be a trip of a lifetime for us! We are super excited!! David said to say "super." Ha!

If you are looking for a good time, look no further. On Saturday, April 23rd around 7:00 p.m. we are meeting up at Boondoggles in Seabrook for a co-ed Bachelor/Bachelorette Party. Yes, co-ed. Afterward, we are heading to Sherlock's in Clear Lake to see RAT RANCH perform. Who is Rat Ranch you say. Only the best 80's cover band EVER!!! Come rock out with us!

A final note, we are so happy that you guys help make such great memories with us. We can't wait to see what happens next! We are truly blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives. Cheers to you!