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When we first started talking about marriage I asked one thing of Vinny to promise me; that I would have no idea that his proposal was coming. After a few weeks of disagreeing and not seeing eye to eye, we found ourselves at the only authentic italian resturant to celebrate our four year anniversary. We sat at dinner not talking much with each other, but rather talking a lot with the waiters and owners. Throughout dinner our waiter, Frank, was doing really cool magic tricks that I couldn't get enough of. When it came time for dessert, it was late and I was still feeling a little down, so for the first time in my life I asked to have dessert to go. This really messed with Vinny's plans, as he had planned to propose with dessert and champaigne. Nervous that his plans were falling through he went outside and spoke with our waiter Frank to plot out what to do. When they came back in Frank pulled out a string and told me he had a trick that he would need my assistance with. He put a ring on the string and strung it up on his hands so that it was the ring was stuck on the string. He then asked me to pull the ring, and off it came. At that moment everyone that was watching walked away and before I knew it, Vinny was taking the ring out of my hand and was on one knee. I was in shock, yet extremely excited at the same time. He surely surprised me that night!