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Susan has been Laura's sister for well... her whole life! She has always been someone Laura has admired and gone to for advice. Susan has also always been the one to show Laura what NOT to do, so you don't get in trouble. If it weren't for Susan's hard work ethic starting at the young age of 15, Laura would not have the drive she has always had to work hard for her own money. Thank you Susan, for showing me how to be independant!

Michelle is Laura's younger sister. Although she is younger, Laura has learned a lot from her. They have a lot of memories together which include sharing a room as kids to sharing an apartment in college. One of Laura's favorite past times with Michelle was driving her and her friends into town on Fridays after school. She loved getting to know the people Michelle spent her time with.

Julianna and Laura have been friends since age 2, when their sisters started attending school together and have stayed close ever since. They spent the majority of elementary and middle school together, and although high school found them in different schools, still found ways to stay in touch through church youth activities. As they went off to college they made time in the summer to catch up as much as possible. Julianna is Laura's longest friend and will always feel deeply connected to her.

Christina and Laura are considered third cousins. Although they knew of each other growing up and saw each other every once in a while at a family function of some sort, it wasn't until high school that their relationship really blossomed. Laura was excited when her father said her cousin would be joining her at the high school her sophomore year. She was feeling a bit anxious over the idea that Susan had graduated and was relieved to know she was going to have family at school with her. Christina and Laura had an art class together and from there they made many memories. Laura is thankful that Christina has been by her side through a lot in her teen and adult years.

Allie was one of Laura's first friends in college. They met in their freshman dorm, Hickerson Hall, where they spent most of their time on the only guys floor. They bonded over the fact that girls were hard to get along with and took many trips to Allie's home in Old Saybrook. They have been through a lot together, and Laura is excited to be a bridesmaid in Allie's wedding to RJ who is the perfect match for her.

Raffaela is Vinny's 1st cousin.


Camryn was one of Laura's first gymnasts at The Little Gym of Fairfield. Laura saw a lot of herself in Camryn as a gymnast and naturally took her under her wing. Even when Camryn decided to start going competetive, Laura was still there to support her. Laura also took every opportunity she could to babysit Camryn and her four, yes 4, brothers. She loved spending time with the Hahn family, who always made her feel welcome and part of the family. Leaving the Hahn's was one of the hardest parts of leaving Connecticut for Laura, and wouldn't have wanted anyone else to be her junior bridesmaid.

Marlina is Laura's neice and God-daughter. Daughter to Susan, Laura has done all she can to be the best aunt she could be for her. Moving so far away has been hard on Laura's heart, but everytime she accepts the FaceTime call with Marlina on the other end saying "Hi LaLa!", she feels connected to her again. LaLa misses her Monkey everyday.

Emma is Vinny and Laura's God-daughter. She is the daughter of Rob and Jaime Miller, and a joy to be around. When Rob and Jaime asked them to be her godparents, they couldn't have been more excited. They feel so blessed to have her in their lives and will always be there to support Emma. The distance has made it hard to watch her grow up, but they look forward to the years when she can hold a conversation on the phone with them.

Arianna is Vinny's cousin. Daughter to Gianni and Assunda Mennillo, she has always taken to her "Zia and Zio".

Daniel is Vinny's older brother. He has taught him how to fish, hunt and do minor autobody.

Mario is Vinny's cousin. Mario and Vinny had spent many days since childhood fishing and taught Vinny how to play soccer.